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Welcome to the MENVI presentation section. The following are audio presentations done by members of MENVI. This may range from audio presentations from Dancing Dots, or recordings that we were asked to do by organizations to be made available that MENVI members may be interested in. We hope you enjoy.


Please select the file to which you'd like to download from the list below. If you'd like to podcast the programming here, please click on this link to go to the podcast page or right click the link, and select copy. You can put the link in your RSS reader or pod catching client.

  1. Braille Line conference recorded May 31, 2014 and released June 4, 2014 (59mb)
  2. David Goldstein from the National Resource Center March 30, 2014 (84.6mb)
  3. An Interview with Liz Daniels about her band and music career (39.8mb)
  4. An Interview with Ike Alexander: February 27, 2010 (49.8mb)
  5. Dancing Dots part 2: June 5, 2008 orginally recorded May 16, 2008 42.1mb
  6. An Interview with Christina June 3, 2008 48.2mb
  7. An Interview with Patti Sabato: June 2, 2008 42.7mb
  8. Interview with Dancing Dots part 1: May 1, 2008 7.65mb
  9. Vicky Simpson Interview August 17, 2007 12.8mb
  10. Interview with Bob Rite August 13, 2007 41.3mb recorded at 128kbps 44.1 herts.
  11. talking tabs April 17, 2007 4.8mb (updated interview with the company)
  12. Talking Tabs at CSUN: March 22, 2007 5.22mb
  13. Kevin Gibs also Known as Kevin Kurn interviewed February 16, 2007 2.85mb
  14. Creatively Speaking May 7, 2005 3.0mb

That's all the files. More is coming soon. We hope you enjoy these files. To return to MENVI's web site, please click here to go there.

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